A selection of our research projects:

  • Future Mobility Lab
  • Here to stay: The promising future of micromobility
  • Seamless change: Integrating micromobility into urban transport systems
  • How mobility shapes inclusion and sustainable growth in global cities
  • Can shared mobility foster social mobility?
  • Ecosystem Innovation Lab
  • Emerging Technologies Lab
  • Energy Innovation Lab
  • An investigation of the future of luxury mobility and fundamental mobility needs
  • Development of mobility in cities and urban neighborhoods
  • Governance & Economic Implications of Decentralized Platforms
  • Decluttering in consumer households
  • Future-Self Avatar: Motivating consumers towards healthier choices
  • Car ownership beyond cities
  • Driving digital strategy in the auto industry
  • Smart City Sankt Gallen
  • The Brand Excellence Circle (BEC)
  • Bosch IoT Lab