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Publications of the members of the CFI-HSG:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann

Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann

Prof. Dr. Torsten Tomczak

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jenewein

Prof. Dr. Ernst Mohr

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Silke Lennerts

Recent publications of the CFI-HSG:

  • Frankenberger, K.; Weiblen, T.; Csik, M.; Gassmann, O. (2013): The 4l-Framework of Business Model Innvoation: A Structured View on Process Phases and Challenges. In: International Journal of Product Development, 18, 3/4, 249-273.
  • Frankenberger, K.; Weiblen, T.; Gassmann, O. (2013): Network configuration, customer centricity, and performance of open business models : A solution provider perspective, in: Industrial Marketing Management, 42, 5, 671-682.
  • Gassmann, O. (2013): Keine halben Sachen! In: Harvard Business Manager, Nr. 2, 32-33.
  • Hildebrand, C.; Häubl, G., Herrmann, A.; Landwehr, J.R. (2013): Conformity and the Crowd. In: Harvard Business Review, July-August.
  • Hildebrand, C.; Häubl, G.; Herrmann, A.; Landwehr, J. R. (2013): When Social Media Can Be Bad For You: Community Feedback Stifles Consumer Creativity and Reduces Satisfaction with Self-Designed Products, in: Information Systems Research, 24, 1, 14-29.
  • Keupp, M. M.; Gassmann, O. (2013): Resource constraints as triggers of radical innovation: Longitudinal evidence from the manufacturing sector, in: Research Policy, 42, 6, 1457-1468.
  • Keupp, M.M.; Palmie, M.; Gassmann, O.: The strategic management of innovation: A systematic review and paths for future research, in: International Journal of Management Review, 14, Nr. 4, 367-390.
  • Landwehr, J.R.; Wentzel, D.; Herrmann, A. Product Design for the Long Run, in: Journal of Marketing.
  • Lieven, T.; Lennerts, S. (2013): Measuring Willingness to Pay by Means of the Trade-off between Free Available Cash and Specific-Purpose Vouchers, in: BuR Business Research, 6, 2, 154-171.
  • Zeschky, M.; Widenmayer, B.; Gassmann, O.: Organizing for reverse innovation in Western MNCs: the role of frugal product innovation capabilities, in: International Journal of Technology Management, forthcoming.
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